During the past 20 years we have installed a range of different technologies from various manufacturers. We have seen many components fail and only a few survive over long-term periods in operation. We only utilise products  which perform in extreme temperatures and humidity. This knowledge and the ability to integrate them into innovative solutions provides a cost competitive and reliable option for our customers.


Power Conversion Equipment.

Selectronic – SP Pro Inverters (http://www.selectronic.com.au)

SolarEdge (http://www.solaredge.com)

Fronius (http://www3.fronius.com/cps/rde/xchg/fronius_australia)

AERL – Charge Controllers (http://www.aerl.com.au)

Battery Bank.

Sungel (http://www.batteryenergy.com.au)

Hoppecke (http://www.hoppecke.com)

Sonnenschein (Exide) (http://www.exide.com)


PV Panel.

Suntech (http://www.suntech-power.com)

Jinko (http://www.jinkosolar.com)


Diesel Generator.

Pramac (http://www.pramac.com)
FG Wilson (https://www.fgwilson.com/generator_sets)